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Goryeo buddhism painting, Kagami Jinja

Patterns of Buddhism painting

Diagram of Seolhwagumun

The development to the highest level in the history of Korea, Goryeo buddhist painting has an important meaning in Korea history. Pattern which is expressed in these paintings, it means infinite energy that is not passed as a statement using the scriptures. Looking for the meaning of Geometric patterns through literature study of "SEOLHWAGUMUN" that are found in Goryeo buddhist paintings, to investigate the case of applying the Geometric patterns to design products of the present era.
And I've tried to present the texture of a new pattern representation technique that simplifies SEOLHWAGUMUN, by applying the technique of pleats, pintuck, dyeing, embrodery, looking for a connection with simple lines. There is a purpose of my art-work that we propose a new material, interpreted in contemporary patterns while understanding from cultural aspect of Korea beyond the interpretation of the religious aspect, we demonstrate the potential of the enhanced.
In order to provide a competitive edge as a design modernization, gentrification, were differentiated with the motif tradition of Korea, research and constant deep understanding of our culture should be performed. By presenting the textile design through a new interpretation of the traditional Korean pattern, in combination with materials such people two diffrent to see, and be a valuable work that is allowed to imagine such as the connection to the product and I hope help in the development of application design modern.
Designer. Yehoon Kim

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